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Are you fed up with that same old issue or feeling lost, challenged or in crisis?

Have you “hit a brick wall”, been “knocked off course” or feel you really “ought” to be happy but you are not?

Whether it expresses physically (as for example pain, discomfort or illness), mentally/emotionally (as for example anxiety, stress or addictive behaviour) or just as a gnawing undercurrent of dissatisfaction it can be transformed with the right support.

Are you ready for a transformation? Are you looking for powerful breakthroughs, a higher state of consciousness or just to be at home within yourself?

If you say yes to just one of these questions then read on as I can help you reconnect to your inner truth and spirit, shifting you out of dysfunctional patterns into alignment with a love of life and an expanded awareness of yourself and that which brings you fulfilment.

Hello, my name is Gwen Channer and I have an instinctive talent for recognising patterns in people’s lives that affect them adversely or hold them back unnecessarily…. meaning that I will recognise patterns in your life that do not serve you. By acknowledging, bringing into consciousness and deliberately remedying what needs adjustment in your life,  a profound clarity enters into your life which benefits not only you but also those around you.

Would you like to experience what it is like to be in your complete wellness? Have you any idea what the value is of that?
Working with me you can explore your options in your personal and working life in an atmosphere of comfort and safety. My clients gain powerful breakthroughs and a raised state of consciousness that puts them in touch with an inherent love of life, an ability to resolve their issues and accomplish their goals much more effectively and overall be more content and comfortable with who and what they are.

I bring reassurance and love back into people’s lives and a new awareness of inner connection.

With my unique approach and expression I can positively influence how you experience yourself and get you in touch with an inherent love of life. You will find yourself more comfortable in your own skin and in integrity with yourself.  Sometimes I will take you out of your comfort zone into a new experience of what you are.

My clients get the most benefit by continuing to work with me on a regular basis. Clients who put their trust in me and stick with me really are able to transform their lives and themselves so they can be strong, centred and resilient while enjoying their life even when challenges come their way.

I will help you get clear on your best and greatest pathway to health, fulfilment, wholeness and well being. I will help you to spot the patterns that are running under the surface, to see the “big picture” and the pixels in it. Where it is called for I will be firm and direct so you will be able to discover the right track for you and get rolling.

Certified Master Clinical Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner


Life Coach, Business Coach, Wellness Coach, Success & Life Transformation Coach



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In person sessions are available in Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

With Skype, Zoom and phone for sessions anywhere in the world.

To make an appointment please use the contact form on this website. Once you have an appointment time reserved please come back to this page to pay your donation for your session(s) at least 48hrs prior to the actual appointment time.

Please note that a minimum of 24-hour notice is required for an appointment to be cancelled or rescheduled. A cancellation charge of the full amount will be applied if less than 24-hour notice is given.

Most sessions are of one hour duration, with follow-up sessions any time from one week to a few weeks later.

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Suggested Donations:
30 Minutes – AU$70.00
45 Minutes – AU$100.00
60 Minutes – AU$120.00
2 Hours – AU$240.00


Hello, my name is Gwen Channer.

With many years of life experience and the tools of Modern Psychology, Therapeutic Hypnosis, Transformation & Success Coaching, Quantum Touch energy healing and more, I am available to serve you.

I reconnect people who feel lost with their inner truth and spirit, shifting them out of dysfunctional patterns into alignment with a love of life and an expanded awareness of themselves and that which brings them fulfilment.

I am a fully certified Master Hypnotist, Success Coach, NLP and Quantum Touch practitioner. I have many years of experience helping people grow out of their problems and into a happier, more fulfilling life.

This is a short introduction as to how I have come to support others in their health, well-being and happiness goals.

My gratitude goes to my children for offering me the opportunity to learn and develop in ways that have been both varied, surprising, challenging and strengthening.

As a mother of 4 young children living a fair distance from the nearest town I was regularly challenged with little accidents, mishaps and the occasional illness that I had to deal with myself.

This combined with my own innate reluctance to visit “the doctor” led me to search for, research, study and practice plenty of healing approaches including, Homeopathy, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Cranio-sacral, Herbs, Nutrition, Life Coaching, Quantum Touch, Modern Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP, etc.

Next to that I read and studied many spiritual, religious and personal development books and attended courses. When what I learned made sense and resonated with me I applied or tried to apply it in my daily life. Being very logical, open and common sense minded has helped me stay very grounded and present in the here and now.

Over the years I have been very successful in raising my children, independently from any medical support, to become healthy, active, strong and confident individuals.

When I discovered Quantum Touch I knew I had found the most wonderful, effective, non-invasive, healing way of helping others and myself. I realised that combining Quantum Touch with my other training, including my work as a Life Coach, made for an especially powerful mix. This has evolved naturally into a unique process that brings great benefit and joy to the people I work with.

And yet there was of course more so now I am also practicing Modern Psychology which combines Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching into a very potent modality that everyone really has to experience as it is totally amazing what the mind can do to help us heal, grow, reach goals, transform and succeed.

Come and experience what is possible!

What clients say

I feel I have gone next level after several sessions with Gwen.  This is very deep, healing work.  It leaves me feeling connected and happy after each session.

When I contacted Gwen initially she suggested we do three sessions, I was sceptical, not knowing what she could do for me, but on the other hand I did not know what I wanted from her.
But Gwen has great skill of asking the right questions that quite soon into my first session with her, I knew what I wanted her to do for me and she devised a plan especially for me. She has the knowledge and insight to bring out deep rooted problems within me,and with her expertise, made some major changes to my life and well being. Using a technique of talk, questions and hypnosis, she took me on a most unexpected journey that totally changed how I think about my life and that of others. Once again, Thank you for a professional and gentle journey.
Bryan Holland

What has resulted from my sessions with Gwen have been nigh on phenomenal with major changes occurring in my life within a matter of weeks. I went to see her because I needed someone knowledgeable, professional & insightful to discuss my deepest inner most workings. I wanted to become clear about my own process in order to make some important decisions about the direction of my life. Simply put I received far more than I bargained for. Gwen has the capacity to travel with another into places rarely shared & the necessary understanding & tools once there to bring about clarity & profound change. I can honestly say in all my years I have not found someone with such abilities which she offers in the most beautiful, caring, generous, loving but professional way. Words cannot express my gratitude.
Louise Harrison

I went to see Gwen as I had experienced agoraphobia all my life but it was made worse after a trip two years ago which resulted in amnesia . The upshot was that the thought of travel engendered a panic attack and I felt a victim of my emotions.
I had three sessions and felt better after each one. I am now sleeping well which is a great result . I have made a weekend trip away ( by car) and was definitely far more relaxed behind the wheel than I have been for many years. I have yet to travel by plane but feel that the day will come when I shall be able to do so without panic.
Vera Stevens

I want to let you know that life is good and I am out in the world meeting men and going on dates. I feel safe in my own skin and so know that I will be able to handle myself in situations that previously I found overwhelming or intimidating. I trust myself to make choices that are good for my soul.
I know that my shift has a lot to do with our sessions.
Thank you so much.
Angela McDermott

I booked the suggested three sessions with Gwen. I found the first two sessions to be full of exploration and some light hypnosis. But it wasn’t until the third session that I saw a clear path and really felt the connection. Reflecting on this afterwards I see clearly that Gwen took me on a powerful self-guided visual journey that has totally helped mellow the stress I was feeling before.

I found Gwen’s stress relief classes inspiring and helpful. For me it was more accessible than Mindfulness, sometimes fun, always thought provoking. She has the perfect voice for deepening relaxation and I would highly recommend a course for anyone with stress issues of any level.

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed your stress relief classes over the last four weeks, I have to say that I have always been a bit cynical about these types of programs, but the tools you gave us to work with have been very useful, especially in my day to day management.
I would also like to say that I definitely liked the way the program progressed through the four weeks and how each week you bought in a new resource that was beneficial in recognizing what each of us was dealing with and how to manage these things better.
I feel much more confident in my day to day dealings and regularly use those tools you gave us to deal with the daily routine.
Once again thank you very much for your polite and gentle approach, it has changed the way I go through my day.
Phill Clark

I enjoyed these sessions and found them full of practical ways to deal with the personal stress in my life.
Philip Rubinstein

If you are interested in creative and imaginative ways of dealing with stress and anxiety then I strongly recommend you attend Gwen’s course. I certainly got a lot out of it: new ways of thinking, practical techniques to offset stress and anxiety, and some fascinating insights into how we might live our lives differently.
Gwen is a perceptive, intelligent and deeply empathic person who is happy to share her insights and explore those things that give rise to stress and anxiety – and how to respond to them, thoughtfully.
Life is there to be lived in the most peaceful and joyous ways possible, and Gwen’s course will help you on a path toward contentment and peace. Don’t hesitate!

These sessions allowed me to feel an improved sense of connection between my conscious and subconscious mind.  A truly deep sense of relaxation was achieved in a safe and comforting environment.  Genuine and meaningful strategies were explored to allow me to move forward.  The deep sense of relaxation and clarity of mind made the whole experience very worthwhile.
M. D.

Gwen provides a calm and relaxing journey into the world of the subconscious and helps to provide a shift in long held beliefs and conditioning.  I would recommend that if you want to explore change Gwen would be very well placed to facilitate in a relaxed and calm way.

I feel put back together again, I feel very relaxed, I feel all over clearer and more open, really feel good and grateful, the sessions have been wonderful.
L. B.

Gwen is the best energy healer I have met. She helped me reinforce a new direction in my quest for personal health and inner peace.
Peter Thompson, Australia

I liked Gwen’s energy around working with my issue, relaxed, willing to go to different places and her hypnosis technique is effective.

Amazing experience, I felt old stagnant energies dissolve, I felt higher angelic energy, loved it and feeling much better overall.
D. H.

I had 5 sessions with Gwen now, when I was in the sessions I was really hungry for the energy, it felt that I was eating up all the energy. At the end of the first session I was already felt energized, not that tired, some aches already gone, I could breathe better, some pain had disappeared. Overall I had very good results, I like to continue to receive treatments from Gwen.
L. L.

Working with Gwen, a real calmness enters my head and soul. When I enter into Gwen’s space and sit down with her to debrief on ‘how’s your week been?’, the anxiety and every day concerns that rattle us all fades away. I get so relaxed I often fall asleep.
David Bradbury, Australia

Feel more peace and balance in the mind and body.  Able to sit with more ease.
D. L.

Bruised my toe so badly I could not put weight on it.  After only a short session the pain was gone and I was able to use my foot normally again, amazing.

I feel energised, lighter, different, stronger core, open heart and aware head…
V. K.

Sessions actually get to the core, feel very aligned and am very happy with the sessions.
P. B.

My headache would clear after a structural alignment session.  It took a few sessions as I kept carrying heavy weights and as it turned out my hips and neck kept going out of alignment.  Now it has taken and I have not been out of alignment for a good while. Thank you!

Gwen is an extraordinary coach, having strong listening skills, deeply understanding a client’s situation in a short time and designing strategies to move the person forward. I had the pleasure of receiving her total attention while sharing my actual challenge; she displayed total care and focus, finally being able to offer a creative solution that I’m now implementing. She is really a very creative, caring and smart coach! Thanks!
Nora Femenia, Ph.D.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Gwen in a success coaching session. Her gentle, confident, and capable demeanor immediately made me feel at ease. Gwen talked me through a very challenging dilemma that has been impeding my ability to move forward proactively with a new business venture. Gwen worked with me to discover some excellent suggestions, which I have already begun implementing. She provided just the right dose of support and empowerment that I needed. I look forward to working with Gwen again soon.
Sydney Thomas

Gwen coached me over a period of 6 weeks, during this time she explored the difficulties in my life that I was dealing with and helped me to find constructive ways of overcoming these problems and achieving great outcomes. I would highly recommend Gwen as a personal Life Coach!
Rachel Walker
, Australia

Gwen recently coached me on what appeared to be a place at which I was stuck. After a brief conversation, Gwen was able to ask just the right question to help me really think about what success would look like. Gwen was supportive and really helped me to move on. I highly recommend her.”
Kathleen Murphy

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Gwen because she has a remarkable intuition and asked just the right questions to draw me to my own conclusions in a comfortable and creative manner. She put me completely at ease and I felt connected which enabled us to make effective use of our time. If you want to talk to someone to help move you forward, to get unstuck, I recommend you talk with Gwen.
Jean McKay